At Tremblays, we believe that a well managed hospitality offering makes for a more successful organisation. When you reward your clients and staff with healthy, seasonal and delicious meals from Tremblays, we add value to your client experience and value to your organisation.

Our contract catering services have been designed to not only delight and motivate your team but strengthen the reputation of your organisation.

  1. Increase employee performance
  2. Increase team collaboration and cohesion
  3. Increase retention and reduce HR search costs
  4. Reduce absenteeism with healthier eating
  5. Attract and retain new staff members
  6. Impress your clients

Interested in finding out more?

  1. CONSULTATION: Call us for a consultation where we can discuss your catering needs in more detail.
  2. TASTING SESSION: Next, we will organise a Tasting Session, so you get to try our food and give us feedback.
  3. TRIAL PERIOD: Before committing to a contract, you can also try us for one month within a trial period.

Get in Touch

Tremblays team work directly with every client, advising on seasonal ingredients, food styling and developing a menu that perfectly suits any event or contract catering package.

Call us on 07710 454219 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.