Please select 6 items from the list below


Mini Burgers


Lamb Kofta and Mint Dip


Chicken Satay Skewers and Peanut Sauce


Pancetta, Caramelised Onion, Mature Cheddar Cheese Quiche


Sausages with Honey & Grain Mustard


Mini Fish & Chips


Vegetable Spring Rolls 🌿


Mini Garlic and Pitta Breads with Hummus Dips 🌿


Cheddar Cheese and Red Onion Tartlet 🌿


Goats Cheese & Sun Blushed Tomato Bruschetta 🌿


Fresh Crudités with an Assortment of Dips 🌿


Mini Pizza Selection 🌿


Mini Jacket Potatoes with Various Fillings


French Fries with aioli



£15.00 per person